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Satellite above earth, science and technology in astronomy

We build Customized Scientific Sculpture for You!

Creating beautiful, detailed, and communicative art for

Large Businesses, Small Business, Schools, Individuals, and you!

Russell with stratollite sculpture

Made for your needs!

Science, Engineering, Technology

We will customize the project entirely to your needs.  This includes your:

  • Subject

  • Scale (Size)

  • Budget

  • Timeline

  • Style

  • Materials

  • Communication

  • Technical Needs

Built in Oregon, USA

Our projects are designed and built entirely in the USA.

Our shop is located in Bend, Oregon, having moved there from our previous location in Tucson, Arizona.

We strive to reduce waste, use recycled materials, and work with local companies to reduce our carbon footprint.

Send us a message to begin your project!

Thanks for submitting!

Forest Lake

What types of Science and Technology?

We are able to create custom sculpture in any category of science and technology!  We have successfully created projects in the following:

  • Astronomy and Aerospace Technology & Crafts

  • Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering, Gears

  • Biology including Experimental Chambers

  • Science Communication

  • Artificial Intelligence, AI, AGI

  • Zoology and animal depictions

Our projects will help your customers understand your products better!  We make complex subjects easier to comprehend & communicate with an elegant 3d sculpture.

Can I be a Client?

Our past clients have included Small Businesses, Large Businesses, Government contracted Corporations, Schools, Museums, Public Officials, Private Individuals, and regular people and their pets!
If you have a project idea, and a budget, you could be a client and co-create a customized sculpture!

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