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Stratollite for Corporate Exhibitions

     RAD created this scale sculpture of a Stratollite for a large private corporation to display in exhibits at trade shows.

The company is using a Stratollite made by World View Entreprises to do research and things.  They saw our first sculpture at WVE and we were recommended to them.  
     This sculpture had different design considerations based on the need of the client to ship it to trade shows and be on display.  We made it slightly smaller, and built a strong and adjustable armature to hold it.  We used thicker plastic to wrap it, knowing it will be poked by people and may need more cleaning.  It is on an acrylic base on wheels with stabilization wings.  The whole thing fits in a custom crate with excellent packaging which can be shipped by commercial shippers.

     The client used to spend a lot of time explaining what a Stratollite is; with multiple balloons, a science craft, solar panels, it can be confusing to outsiders.  Now, they can just point to this sculpture, and everybody gets it.    

Russell Simpson standing with the second Stratollite sculpture on its armature
Second Stratollite sculpture
Detail of the connection in the Second Stratollite sculpture
Second Stratollite sculpture from behind
The lower ballast balloon, solar panel, and stratocraft
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