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Silver Stratollite for World View Entreprises

RAD created this scale sculpture of a Stratollite for World View Entrprises in 2019.  

WVE builds these large science vehicles which consist of a set of balloons to lift a Stratocraft, which does scientific observation and data acquisition at high altitudes, mostly in the Stratosphere.  Stratollite = Stratosphere + Satellite

Their Stratollites are hundreds of feet tall, so they needed a smaller scale model to show customers the whole product, and to be able to discuss its features.  

The sculpture RAD created is in their Tucson Headquarters, in the main Gallery right after the entrance vestibule.  It is 8' tall, and hanging a few feet off the ground from a ceiling beam.  It consists of 1 Lift Balloon, 2 Ballast Balloons, several solar panels, and a Stratocraft.  All are exactly the shape of the real objects, and in perfect scale.

Aside from being beautiful and inspirational, the sculpture also needed to hold plaques for employees of the month.  Our solution was that each solar panel can accept a laser etched 2"x 3" plaque; WVE can easily create these and swap them out each month.

Notably, the thin plastic covering the sculpture is made from the actual plastic that covers the actual balloons.  Also, the number of slices or ribs on each piece is the same as the number of seams or slices on the real craft.

The aesthetics were directed by WVE and approved, and they were very happy with the resulting sculpture!

Stratollite sculpture on display in World View's headquarters main gallery
Stratollite from below showing the solar panels which are namecard holders
Stratollite solar panels ready for award winner placards, plus Stratocraft below
Inside the Stratollite, showing the slot fit acrylic structure, and RAD's signature inside
Inside the Stratollite, showing the construction details in a ballast balloon
Stratollite looking beautiful
Stratollite solar panel holding RAD's placard, above the 3d printed and hand painted Stratocraft
Russell Simpson standing next to the Stratollite sculpture in its gallery
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