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Interactive Gear Display for
Charter Middle School Students

     RAD created this educational and interactive Gear exhibits for a charter school in Arizona for middle school students.
     The school wanted 2 existing cases filled with gears that the students could turn.  They wanted a variety of gear systems inside, and for it to be functionally educational.  They would also have a student maintain the system.

     We wanted to create two different but related displays.  So we did one in wood, and one in HDPE plastic.  We designed the teeth for durability and visibility, and made everything in 3d modeling software.  Then we had it CNC cut locally.  We assembled everything with a bolt system that can be intuitively figured out by a student and easily maintained, since there is always wear on these systems, especially with kids using them.  
     The large numbers show the number of teeth on the gears, and they are in ratio, so kids can figure it out.  There is a planetary gear system, a chain drive, and a color wheel.  The displays are successful at helping children learn about gear systems in practical and intuitive ways.

Colorful HDPE Gear Exhibit
Wooden Gear Exhibit
Detail of the handle and gear teeth
Detail of the chain drive o the wooden gears
Detail of the big yellow gear of the display
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