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Architectural Modeling

Russell, primary Maker of Custom Science Sculpture, has a Masters degree in Architecture from the University of Arizona.  Ze created many highly detailed, intricate, complex and beautiful models during the 3 and a half years of that program.  A sample of them are displayed below. 
Since then, Russell has created Architectural models for other design firms.  Though the art and practice of physical, tangible models for purposes of Architecture has declined, largely due to digital modeling, some clients are worth the extra cost and care.  A beautiful physical model will both impress a client, and communicate the design much more effectively than any digital 3d rendering.  

Sometimes a model is an exact and precise replication of a building or design.  Other times, it is more about conveying an idea, theme, parti, or design principle.  We can create emotional sculptures, grand displays, precise replicas, or whatever you desire to communicate to your clientele the message you wish to send.

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